"Inspiring Women for Success in Tech" 

We want to help address and remove barriers and blocks through in person and online meet-ups, hiking, workshops, and more. Our goal is to help you confidently map your next career move in tech, overcome some of the issues and constraints that hold you back, as well as prepare you for your next interview through support, soft skills training, confidence & career coaching. 

Meetup Events

We are a community space for women in tech to come together to share tips, tools, and resources with one another. We are passionate about helping women navigate the tech landscape. We host workshops, fireside chats and panel events on networking, mentoring, salary negotiation and more.

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Career Club

is a 6-week career training for men and women looking to change companies, jobs or careers. It's heavily geared toward those in tech or interested in tech. It provides the basics for a job hunt in the proper sequence that they need to be considered and mastered. 

6-week curriculum breakdown; each run by a professional in that area.

1) Anatomy of a Tech Company

2) Job Search Strategy

3) Resume Workshop

4) Platforms and Tools - Indeed, Glassdoor, etc

5) Negotiation Workshop

6) Professional Development

Check our our first workshop Anatomy of a Tech Company starting Nov 15th!

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