Meet the Team



We're 2 women in tech who realized there's a lot of issues other women in technology face that aren't being addressed. 

What do you face as you navigate the tech landscape? 
What do you need for a successful transition for the next move in your career?  

We want to help address and remove barriers and blocks for women in tech. Our goal is to help you confidently map your next career move in tech, overcome some of the issues and constraints that hold you back, as well as prepare you for your next interview.  
A little about us…..

Wendy Saccuzzo is a career coach and technical recruiting specialist, and has worked with women in tech on career strategy and helped to build engineering teams in early stage startup companies.  She’s involved with Women Who Code as Director of Career Development and holds a Masters degree in Counseling with a focus on Career Development.   Outside of work, Wendy is wrangling her kids, gardening, cooking or hiking.  
Carol Langlois AKA "Dr Carol" has extensive research and training in working with females on self-esteem and empowerment issues. She holds degrees in Education and Psychology. She has designed her own technique to help women manage their inner critic and overcome roadblocks in tech such as imposter syndrome and the confidence gap.  Carol is also a published author and playwright. 

Here's a picture of Tennessee Valley, where we had our first hiking meet-up. More to come!